Guidelines for the submission of articles to Arts Across Kentucky. Everything you need to know to send your manuscript for publication.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Arts Across Kentucky. We look forward to working with you.

Our name accurately reflects our mission; our content includes visual arts, including painting, sculpture, and fine craft, as well as performing arts, i.e. dance, theater and theater groups, and every category of music and vocal performance. We also publish articles about writers and the literary arts, and showcase regional authors in fiction, nonfiction, short stories, and poetry. We offer the following information to guide you in developing, writing and/or organizing a story line, and in order to avoid costly delays and editing mishaps. If you are an experienced author, some of this will be review. If you are contemplating the very first article of your writing career, please read this carefully. But don’t let it slow you down!

Our state belongs to a wide arts and business community. Arts Across Kentucky is interested in including content from and about areas and cities that are geographically tied to the commonwealth, like Cincinnati, Huntington, and Nashville. We accept articles from tourism commissions, arts organizations, and individuals about art and craft groups, museums, exhibits, and events within a fifty-mile radius of Kentucky’s borders. Museums and galleries are welcome to submit articles about their exhibits that feature people and work from out-of-state as well as those within. Artists are encouraged to submit stories about travel and study outside the country.

It is crucial for us to have accurate information as far in advance of a publication deadline as possible. In most cases, publication times range from six to nine months after acceptance. To secure space in a particular issue, please check with the editor. We will do whatever we can to ensure the timely publication of your story. Submission of a manuscript after the deadline may jeopardize space reservation. Because Arts Across Kentucky is a nonprofit project of the publisher, Biz Cards Today, payment is made after publication and the receipt of that issue’s advertising revenue.

Authors are given four complimentary copies of the issue with their piece in it. Extra copies may be purchased at our wholesale price. Persons and organizations discussed in the article are also eligible for complimentary copies. Please discuss this with the editor in advance.

Thank you for your time and attention to this information. We hope you will find the following guidelines helpful. Please feel free to call with any questions and ideas. If you are a novice at writing, just let us know. We would be glad to help you formulate a theme to celebrate Kentucky arts!


    The goal for feature articles is to engage readers on more than one level. We want to educate and inform, entertain and illustrate, and provide as many descriptive and eye-catching visual effects as possible. Please do not hesitate to call with questions.


    Article size: The number of pages will depend on the story; check with the editor. Generally, 350-400 words per page allows ample room for the accompanying visuals and creative graphics layout.

    Accepted text formats: We can manage almost any word processing program and will accept floppy disks, e-mail (as an attachment) and ZIP disks. Check with one of our specialists. The e-mail address is

Author information:

    Please include the writer’s name and title, and a few sentences of biographical information.
    Please send or email a photograph of the author with the hard or electronic copy of the text.

Writing Style:

  • Please do not enhance the text with columns, bullets, stars, italics, etc. They don’t always transfer successfully to the layout program.
  • Please send a hard copy in addition to the electronic format and mark titles, exhibits, events, and proper names on it.
  • Underline books, magazines, works of art, and exhibits; these will be italicized later.
  • Use quotation marks for article titles, chapters of books, quotes, and unusual or quirky phrases.
  • Use capitals for events and proper names.

Content Considerations:

The following information is provided as a guide for formulating a story:

  • For tourism/festival/local heritage articles: The average reader may not have been to your area of the state; you are trying to convince them to come. The following suggestions may help you formulate your text. (Please send accurate dates and spell names of people and locations correctly and clearly.)
  • Discuss interesting historical facts as part of the text, including dates and both local context and the wider cultural picture.
  • Talk about the geographical features of your area of the state and why they are unique and important.
  • Introduce readers to well-known local/regional characters and people and events from the past and present.
  • Mention related books that have been written by a local author or about a local personage.

The Kentucky Encyclopedia and the Kentucky Atlas are very helpful references, as is your local librarian. Local colleges and universities may be of great assistance. Other excellent resources include your Kentucky Arts Council and their circuit riders (every county has one), the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen, and the Kentucky Craft Marketing Program.

  • Explain why this is an unusual or special technique, procedure, or activity.
  • Detail what is special about the artist or craftsperson of your article’s focus.
  • Discuss the importance of an organization’s contribution to the community.
  • Share the background and history of the featured artist.
  • Use technical terms, but try to explain them well. Sometimes a little side bar can be useful for such ideas.
  • Include information about how Kentucky’s arts agencies have been of assistance to an individual artist.

Pictures / Artwork:

  • We prefer to receive digital images they must be at least 300 dpi at 8 in. x 10 in. in size. Send them in a TIF, JPG, or PDF file format only. Many of the higher quality digital cameras on the general market do provide publication quality images for smaller pictures. We can not use images taken from the web (72 dpi) or images imbeded into Word or other programs. We can use 35-mm or larger format slides, prints or transparencies. On very rare occasions we may use images that have already been printed.
  • Label the visuals well: Identify the subject of the picture and what the subject is doing; the title and date, when applicable; and suggest a caption to go with the picture. If it is artwork, label it with artist name, media and/or materials, size, and date the piece was made.
  • On slides: Mark the front and top of the image.
  • Credit the photographer of each picture, if needed, and the submitting agency or person.
  • We will be glad to take photos of artwork for the article; we will even come to you if there is time. Just let us know if this is needed.
  • We generally keep photographic work until the issue is finished at the printers. If you need your work returned more quickly, please let us know.

Please feel free to call with questions, comments and suggestions.

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