Advertising in Arts Across Kentucky offers multiple benefits. The magazine appeals to and is seen by a targeted audience of people who are interested in the arts. It promotes handmade, Kentucky-made goods that are produced by small entrepreneurs and cottage industries and that support economic independence in rural areas. It focuses attention on Kentucky's thriving literary community and performance arts across the state. The arts education and tourism focus increases the public's awareness and knowledge of Kentucky and the surrounding areas and the importance of the arts in Kentucky's economic plan. And, finally, every ad contributes to the arts community as a whole, reinforcing the critical fact that the arts are good for us; they bring communities together, enrich our daily lives, and offer unparalleled opportunities to respect the traditions of the past, to see the present with fresh eyes, and to envision a secure and vibrant future.

Join the other artists and organizations from Kentucky and the surrounding area in promoting yourself AND the arts by advertising in Arts Across Kentucky magazine.

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