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Arts Across Kentucky is a triannual four-color magazine dedicated to promoting the arts in and around the state. Published as a non-profit project, each issue is replete with articles and information about two-and three-dimensional visual artists; musicians and musical groups of all kinds; individual vocalists and singing ensembles; fiction writers, poets, and storytellers; regional and international travel and cuisine; and arts-related organizations of many different sizes. We seek to accomplish the following goals:

  • Recognize individual artists and their work, offering an educational focus on the processes and techniques they employ, both traditional and cutting-edge.
  • Recognize the creative accomplishments and activities of artists with an international following AND those who live in and champion their own smaller communities.
  • Herald the small local art councils who strive to enhance the quality of life in their communities as well as the endeavors of larger, well-established institutions and organizations that provide funding for smaller groups and stay abreast of national and international trends.
  • Introduce the multi-disciplinary, cross-cultural programs across the state that seek to promote understanding and tolerance between and among cultures and interest groups.
  • Praise the efforts of art educators at every level for bringing their students exposure to a wide variety of visual, performing, and literary arts so critical to their intellectual and social development into productive, community-oriented adults.
  • Offer thought-provoking insights and images from artists who have traveled the globe in pursuit of their lives' creative work.
  • Acknowledge the contributions of the arts to the state’s economy and the contributions of the state to our communities’ social and cultural well-being.
  • Connect you with other artists and organizations that share your particular interests.



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